Beer Pong!


The Game that took colleges across the USA by Storm and then gained world wide recognition after the hollywood block buster of the same name was made has now finally reached the UK

Entertainment Rescue is Proud to introduce its very own portable Beer Pong Parties

Its a game of skill whilst keeping your head that encourages flamboyant showmanship and show boating whilst creating hours of fun for you customers.

Featuring an 8' by 2' Specilaist Game table 20 18oz cups ping pong balls and a whole lot of beer contestants pitch their skills against each other to clear the table making their opponents drink to progress to the next round.

It also feature and array of crazy rules that encorage further fun silliness!

Absolutly perfect for Universities and pretty much any event.

The basic party include everything you need for you very own Beer Pong Tournament and comes with a game umpire and host.

Call us now to book you Beer Pong Tournament*

(*please note beer not included)