General Peripheral Entertainments

Alongside all of the wonderful and professional items we offer there is a huge array of fun exciting and hugely entertaining acts gimmicks and activities available here we have
highlighted just a few as a form of inspiration. Available for event these days anything
is possible so don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas needs and
requirements and even if we can’t provide it directly our selves we will use
our extensive industry knowledge years or networking contacts and fellow
companies to get you what you need.

These items and Pictures below are just some of the items we offer as well as our fellow compainies in the indusrty

Rigging, Staging, Audio, Lighting, The Dance Floor Matenence Act, Party Gimps, Fake Paparazzi, Bog Roll Gun, Dunk and Gunge Tank, Surf Simulator,
Bucking Bronco, Big Laser Hire, Sumo Suits, Magicians, Snake handelers, Dancers the lsit goes on

please don't hesitate to contact us with you requirments for more info or indeed to book one of our amazing items.