Possibly the craziest and definitely the messiest club night invented since the foam party Neon Splatter Parties also know as UV Paint Parties have landed and quite definitely taken the world by storm.

We offer a great mixture of of fun crazy messiness with a stage show and production that will turn any event into and amazing experience.

Gallons of luminous paint raining spraying and splattering down over your dance floors creating not only stunning visual display but a very interactive and wacky entertainment factor that will not disappoint.

Understandably you may have some initial reservations especially when talking about spraying paint at a your customers in your venue.

However let us calm your concerns

Firstly the Products we use are Water based extremely diluted and have been cosmetically certified therefore extensively reducing the risks to anyone's skin property and the fixture and fittings within your venue.

We also provided anti slip flooring for the worst affected areas such as the dance floor where it will become slippery.

A clean up service whilst on site to help improve the safety aspect as well and keeping the clean up time after the event down to a minimum.

Our public liability insurance is to the level of 5 million pounds and we are one of the only compainies in the industry with the appropriate insurance cover for such events.

We also provide boiler suits face masks glow sticks and uv paints for purchase on site to enhance people's experience further.

These events are suitable for large and small venues as we are able to direct and control the paint projection.

Check out our pics and video's and see for yourselves the awesome spectacle that is the Neon Splatter Party.