Theme Nights, Decor.
(Army & UV Specialist) UV Bubbles etc

Theme nights have been around for years and can be some of the most fun, easy to do and stress free events to put on however many events fail reach potential by not fully embracing the theme into the venue. Our theme nights are designed to enhance the event making the crowd feel involved and truly transforming the venue into the theme desired .

At huge value for money prices we offer Decor, Props and Equipment Packages to enhance such themes from the classics such as School Discos and Military theme nights to modern and exciting and ore inspiring UV bubble Parties, UV glow parties, Laser Nights, and more.

For example we specialise in Military Theme Night Decor. We don’t just transform venues into Military War Camps with authentic military equipment, 300 metre squared of Camouflage nets, Weapons, Signage and more we can even add extra peripheral themed entertainment. For example; Toy Soldiers (As seen in the pictures) Live Military Style Games & Much More. If you really want to enhance this theme we can also provide classic military vehicles which will remain parked up outside your venue to give it the added attention seeking visual display your venue deserves